• Create/Edit tabs


    Administrator permission is required to create/edit tabs in the binder. 
    Click on the 'dots' and then 'edit tabs'. 


    Click 'Add tab': 



    Enter the name of the tab and then select tab type: 



    Most common tab types:
    Document - add files directly in the tab.
    Drawings with technical areas - sub-tabs are automatically created for Architecture, Construction, etc.
    Sub-tabs tab - option to extend tab level to one or more levels with sub-tabs that you name yourself. Checklists - option to create and tick off items in a checklist. Read more about checklists here. 

    Content - a tab where free text can be entered and links and images attached. Similar to the description on the home page. 


    Special permission tab (hidden tab): 
    If you want to lock a tab or sub-tab to certain roles, click "Advanced settings": 

    Then select "Only selected can read or write". 
    Then select which roles should be able to access the tab. You can select between individual participants or groups/roles. 



    Note: hidden tabs can always be viewed by those with administrator permission. A hidden tab is marked with a shield symbol next to the tab name. 

    When you are done, save with the save button: 





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