• How iBinder works

    iBinder is a cloud-based platform that helps the construction and real estate industry better manage information and documentation about their properties. The platform is easy to use and supports the entire construction life cycle – from planning to property management.

    What does iBinder do?

    iBinder is a cloud-based information and document management platform. Bringing together the people connected with construction projects and property management in a shared workspace boosts efficiency, cuts administration and reduces discrepancies. And it supports sustainability too.

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    iBinder in four steps


    iBinder compiles all the information about your buildings and projects in digital binders. It's easy to get started and requires minimal onboarding for participants. It doesn’t cost anything to collaborate in other people's binders on our platform. You only pay when you want to create your own binders.


    Construction and property management are very complex, so there are different types of binders. These have different characteristics and are tailored to the current phase of your property. A binder for a construction project has completely different features than one for managing property.


    When you start a binder, you invite the people who will collaborate. Together you then add all relevant information about your property. It can be agreements, drawings, tenders or other documents. Anyone invited to the binder can contribute content, respond to questions or tenders and complete checklists.


    A binder is active for as long as you want: weeks, months or years. When a binder is closed, all the information that has been collected doesn't just disappear. On the contrary, you can easily take what you need with you into the next phase of the building's life cycle, or save it away for use at a later time.

    How much does iBinder cost?

    Collaborating in iBinder should be easy and convenient, so there's no cost to participate in other people's binders. Only the party that starts a binder pays. There are no additional fees for inviting more people to collaborate; the price is determined solely by the size of the project or the building.

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    What features are available in iBinder?

    Our platform is constantly evolving and different features are improved and added every week. To view all the different specific features, we recommend you download our product sheet.

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