• Information management for construction projects

    Reduce risk of information loss during and between different stages, through an uninterrupted digital information flow, enhancing quality

    Simplify your construction project with iBinder

    We offer digital information management that boosts productivity and reduces the environmental impact of your construction project, from the early stages through to management.

    • collect all documentation in one place
    • reduce administration
    • reduce discrepancies
    • strengthen cooperation between trades


    iBinder provides the functionality needed to manage and streamline all types of projects, regardless of size and complexity. The system is built on simplicity and in-depth knowledge of every scenario that might occur during a project.

    Why you should use iBinder

    We have a deep expertise in the construction industry to deliver an outstanding value for our customers

    Best in class user friendliness

    Outstanding customer support

    Flexible licensing

    Selected information management services

    Document management

    Our document management platform makes your construction project more efficient by collecting everything in one place.

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    Accurate and reliable responses provide a more convenient and secure process for all types of inquiries and procurement.

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    Property Management

    Manage administration, documentation, operation and maintenance via a single platform. From project to property management. 

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    Why iBinder?


    Quick to learn


    BH90 construction documentation standard


    Works in your existing IT environment, only requires a browser


    Share, save and update information at the touch of a button


    See drawings directly in the platform


    Checklist for who does what and when


    Increased sustainability and productivity




    Personal support for everyone on a project

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