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    Bring information together, boost collaboration and reduce risk with our platform.

    The platform for a building’s entire life cycle


    Information management

    Digital information management that boosts productivity and reduces the environmental impact of construction projects and property management. iBinder cuts administration, reduces discrepancies and boosts collaboration.

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    Sustainability & informed choice of materials

    An informed choice of materials boosts a property’s value, and we offer the market's leading system for an informed choice of materials in the construction and real estate industry. We can also help you with your climate declaration and climate report.

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    Well-organized cooperation

    A successful project requires close cooperation. iBinder allows you to create a structure that keeps participants up to date and brings together all information about your building, from the early stages through to its management.

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    Why should you use iBinder in your construction project?

    Three big advantages

    From early stages to property management

    Property Management

    All processes and documents relating to property management available together in one place, instead of in hundreds of ring binders

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    The project plan

    Always in one place and always up-do-date for everyone to see.


    iBinder E-tendering makes it just as easy to request quotes from a hundred people as from one person. With more tenders from more people, you get more reliable answers and therefore a better purchase.

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    The construction industry’s most user-friendly system for document management. Everyone gets it right - first time. No one misses information, everyone has the right information

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