• iBinder Group account

    At iBinder Group we have several different platforms such as iBinder, SundaHus, Byggnet, REQS and SokoPro. What they have in common is that they work to make the construction and property sector more sustainable, productive and strengthen cooperation. A number of iBinder Group companies require you to sign up for iBinder Group account when you want to log in.

    You only need to sign up once. You can try some of our platforms for free and all have a flexible subscription solution if you want to extend your subscription.

    Why an iBinder Group Account?

    In order to access our platforms, you previously had to register on several websites or services after quickly skimming through our various privacy policies. We know how boring it is - you know you should really read it, but it's so long and full of heavy legal language. Nobody has the time for that.

    These hard-to-read documents are one of the reasons the EU decided it was time for a change – the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, came into effect on May 25, 2018. After that date, all companies must become clearer and more open about how they collect and use your data.

    At iBinder Group, we consider this a positive change. iBinder Group is responsible for storing the data in your iBinder Group account in a safe and secure manner and for ensuring that this data is used lawfully in accordance with that regulation.

    iBinder Group account and privacy

    A iBinder Group account is a secure, stable way to manage your privacy choices. Without an account, any choices you make are stored on your device and/or in a specific browser in the case of websites. This means if you clear your cookies or switch devices or browsers, you will lose your preferences and may have to make privacy consents again.



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