• Manage documents

    In this section, you can read about everything related to uploading and downloading documents in iBinder.

    Uploading documents

    Read about how to upload files to iBinder.

    Version management/Revisions

    Read about how to work with versions in iBinder.

    Downloading documents

    Read about how to download documents from iBinder to your computer/device.

    Change information/metadata on documents

    Read about how to change information/metadata on one or more files at a later stage.

    Moving/Copying documents

    Read about how to copy or move files within the same binder or between different binders.

    Uploading documents

    First, click on the tab/folder to where you will upload your files.


    Click on upload and then go to the location where the files are saved.


    Select the file(s) to be uploaded and click open.


    Now you can enter information/metadata for the files you want to upload. If you select more than one file, you can fill in group information; this means that all documents will receive this information. For example, if "Construction document" status is selected as group information, all files uploaded at that time will be given this status.
    Enter information for individual files under file information. When you are done, click "Save and minimize".


    The files are now uploaded and a box appears at the bottom right indicating that they are ready.


    Version management/Revisions

    iBinder makes it easy to find the latest version of a file, thanks to the built-in version management. When uploading a file that is already saved, the version and revision date fields in the information/metadata card shows that this is a new version. Version management "recognises" this by the name and type of file. Therefore, a file name should not be changed locally before uploading it.


    The latest version is always shown in the file view, as well as which version it is and the revision date.


    To see previous versions, click on the three dots to the right of the file and then on "File information".


    Click "Versions" to see previous versions of a file. To manage the version/file, click on the three dots or the arrow on the right.


    Downloading documents

    It is possible to open documents directly in iBinder with the built-in viewer.
    It is also possible to save the documents on a computer if preferred.

    Downloading one document at a time:

    Click on the 'dots' to the right of the file name, and then select 'Download file':


    Downloading multiple documents:

    Tick the box in front of the documents you want to download and then click "Download":


    Downloading a whole tab:

    To download a whole tab or sub-tab, click here:


    ...or do as follows:


    Downloading a whole binder:

    You can also download a whole binder if you have administrator rights by clicking as follows:


    Then select whether to include all versions or only the latest version of each document. Also select whether to include empty tabs. Then click 'Download'. The system will now generate a ZIP file and a link will be created to download the content; the link will be sent to the e-mail you are logged in with.


    Change information/metadata on documents

    Tick the box to the left of the file and then click "Edit" to change information/metadata for a single file.


    You can now edit the data/metadata. Click "Save" at the bottom right to save.


    If you want to edit metadata for several files at the same time, do as follows:
    Tick the files and click 'Edit multiple'.


    If the same information is to be changed in all the files, change/add under group information. An example is if all files require the "Construction document" status; change this to "Construction document" under group information. It is also possible to scroll down and change each file individually. When the editing is compete, click "Save".


    Moving/Copying documents

    Open the binder and tab where the files you want to move or copy are located. 
    Select the files you want to move/copy. Click "Move" or "Copy" in the light-grey bar.


    You can move or copy within the same binder. Select which tab to add the files to. 
    You can also move or copy files to another binder.


    Search by binder name or select a binder from the list. 
    Select which tab the files should be added to.


    Click "Save".
    The files have now been moved/copied. 



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