• How the construction industry benefits from digitalisation

    Most industries are becoming increasingly digital, but the revolution has only just begun in the construction industry.

    Processes that can be easily digitalised are still done manually and there is all too often a lack of strategy about how to use digitalisation. The question is, what is the actual value of digitalising the construction industry? Is there anything to gain?

    A study by McKinsey & Company found that construction companies that digitalise their operations are expected to increase productivity by 20%; the result of a number of benefits that digitalisation promotes throughout the industry. Here are some examples.

    • Making purchasing and invoicing more efficient. Digitalising work processes in the construction industry would help in several respects, particularly in purchasing and invoicing, which could be made much more efficient compared with the current use of PDFs. Why not save both time and money by automating the entire process? 
    • Simplification of data collection and storage. Sustainability metrics are becoming increasingly important. Digitalisation would simplify the collection of (value-added data) in an efficient way using modern systems. This would make it easier to assess the value of the data and how it can help in development work. 
    • A shared, productive workflow. Digitalising the construction process makes it transparent. Linking multiple parts of projects using different digital collaboration solutions avoids a fragmented production structure that reduces productivity. A well-organised, accessible solution makes the work process clearer for everyone and helps avoid misunderstandings. 
    • Available and updated documentation. Digitally stored documentation can be easily made available to everyone involved, while always being updated in real time. A shared cloud-based platform for construction project information, documentation and other data gives everyone involved access to correct documents from a single location, and can be accessed from both the office and the construction site. Perhaps best of all: there are no paper documents to be lost or overlooked.
    • More accurate calculations mean fewer incorrect purchases. A digital floor plan or visualisation of a construction project can provide all the information about the building's components. This simplifies the process of making estimates, helping you avoid incorrect purchases. 


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    Construction companies have a huge amount to gain from digitalising operations. How far have you come in your digitalisation journey? iBinder helps you digitalise your project and is always on hand to simplify, allow you to access and secure your documentation wherever you are. You can find out more about our solution here



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