• How organisations can become more efficient with iBinder

    For organisations looking to optimise their work process, iBinder provides a range of services that can revolutionise the way they manage information.

    Here are our expert Johan Eriksson’s top three practical tips - which achieve results right away!

    • Template management for consistency and time efficiency

    One of the most popular features in iBinder is the ability to easily structure templates for all your services. By using templates, organisations can define the exact structure they want for their binders. This includes which participants should automatically be invited and which standard documents should be included in a binder when it is created. The advantages of this are twofold. Firstly, it ensures that everyone in the organisation works using the same structures, which contributes to consistency and reduces the risk of mistakes. Secondly, it saves time, as the process becomes more automated. All the necessary information is available in our Help Centre, under Managing templates

    • Overview and flexibility with the organisation binder

    iBinder’s organisation binder gives users a clear overview of all the organisation’s binders. The status of each binder can quickly be seen, and binders can also easily be opened directly from the home view, which makes navigation easier. Another recently added feature makes it possible to copy tabs or folders within the same binder and also to other binders. This is especially useful when creating a new template or copying documents between different types of binders, such as project and management binders. More information about this feature is available here.

    • Permission management for increased security and efficiency

    iBinder also has a structure for managing organisations and roles. The structure aims to make it easier to manage an organisation and is extremely useful for people who manage multiple binders and projects. Different levels of permission make it easy to protect information without having to restrict the number of participants. The roles are administered via the organisation binder, which is available on the each organisation owner’s bookshelf.

    Here is an overview of the roles and their respective permissions:
    Owner: Has complete control and is permitted to manage everything within the organisation.
    Admin: Is permitted to manage participants, read and edit everything and create new content for the organisation.
    Creator: Is permitted to read and edit everything within the organisation and create new content.
    Restricted creator: Is permitted to create new content for the organisation but only read what they are participating in.
    Reader: Is permitted to read everything within the organisation but not create new content.
    Restricted reader: Can only read what they are participating in and cannot create new content for the organisation.

    In summary, iBinder provides a range of tools and features that can help organisations become more organised, efficient and secure in their work. With clear templates, simple overviews and detailed permission management, it is now easier than ever to manage large amounts of information in a structured way.



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